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What Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

Piano Move Pricing Depends on Several Factors

The cost for piano moving is influenced by:

  • Type of piano – grand piano or upright piano
  • Region of the country and distance of the piano move
  • Difficulty of the move such as stairs, tight turns, and the need for special equipment

Mason Hamlin Model BB pianoThe pricing for a piano move can vary quite a bit. It depends a lot on the type of piano you’re moving, such as a grand piano or an upright piano.

In general, a grand piano will cost more to move than an upright piano. This is because grand pianos are typically larger and heavier. Moreover, preparation is more involved with a grand piano, which often involves detaching the legs and wrapping them prior to shipping.  The additional weight of grand pianos also impact the piano moving cost.

The distance of your piano move plays a factor as well. Regional piano moves are typically less expensive than shipping your piano from coast to coast. Also, certain areas of the country do cost more. Vermont, for example, is a very expensive area. While Southern California tends to be more moderate in cost for piano moves.

Additionally, if there’s any difficulty at the pick-up or delivery such as stairs, tight turns, or gravel walkway, these factors impact the piano moving quote.

Piano Move Quote

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