“What is the cost of moving a piano?”

The price of moving a piano varies based on several factors like the piano type, distance, and any extra services requested. Utilizing a specialized piano mover guarantees your move costs the same price you’re quoted – free from unforeseen expenses like damage or injury. To get your personalized quote, just fill out our request form – we never share customer information and don’t send out marketing spam.

“Is it safe for me to move my own piano?”

Moving a piano requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and experience to ensure both the safety of the piano and the movers. Attempting to move a piano without proper training and equipment can result in serious injury to yourself and damage to the piano. It’s best to hire professional piano movers who have the expertise to handle the job safely and efficiently.

“Can my regular movers safely move my piano?”

While regular movers may be skilled in moving general household items, pianos require a different level of expertise due to their size, weight, and delicate internal mechanisms. Without specialized training and equipment specifically designed for piano moving, regular movers may risk damaging the piano or causing injury to themselves. It’s advisable to hire experienced piano movers for the safe transportation of your piano.

“Is my piano insured during the move?”

Walter Piano Transport takes every precaution to ensure the safe handling and transportation of your piano, however unexpected incidents can still occur. The instrument and bench are both covered for their current market value in the event of a total loss and additionally every trailer is covered by cargo insurance. If a claim is placed and damage is determined to have occurred during transport we work to determine the best course of action to remedy each situation on a case by case basis.

“How is my piano protected for moving?”

Your piano is carefully protected during the moving process. Grand pianos are placed onto their side on a padded board, with the legs and pedal lyre assembly removed. The entire piano is then blanket-wrapped and padded to ensure it remains cushioned and well-protected throughout the shipment. Similarly, upright pianos are wrapped with our specially formulated padded moving blankets to safeguard their finish and structure from any potential damage during transportation.

“How long does it take to ship a piano?”

The time frame for shipping a piano depends on various factors, including the distance of the move and logistical considerations. Typically, local movers aim to schedule pickup within 10-14 days of placing the order, with delivery usually occurring within 30-75 days from the initial pickup date. However, please note that these time frames are approximate and subject to factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

“Do you offer piano restoration services?”

Yes, we do offer piano restoration services. The Walter family has decades of experience in piano manufacturing, repair, and restoration, and we’re happy to share that expertise with out customers and clients. Whether it’s refinishing, repairing, regulating, or tuning, we ensure that your piano is restored to its optimal condition with care and precision.

“Do you also move the piano bench?”

Yes, we include the piano bench in our moving services. However, it’s important that clients refrain from storing items inside the piano bench or the piano itself during the move. This precaution helps prevent any potential damage to the instrument and ensures a smooth relocation process.

“Do you offer international piano shipping services?”

Currently, we specialize in domestic piano moving services within the continental United States. We do not offer international piano shipping services at this time. However, we are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient transportation for pianos across the country, ensuring they arrive safely at their destination. If you have any further questions or need assistance with your piano move, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“What should I do to prepare my piano for the move?”

To prepare your piano for the move, it’s essential to ensure it is properly secured and protected. While we provide guidance on preparing your piano, our experienced staff is trained and familiar with the intricacies of piano moving. They will ensure your piano is adequately prepared for the journey, including securing loose components, wrapping it securely, and taking necessary precautions to prevent damage during transit. Rest assured, your piano is in capable hands with our team.

“What happens if my piano gets damaged?”

Should your piano sustain damage during the move, know that it’s fully insured throughout. But some things just can’t be replaced, which is why in those rare occurrences, we offer the services of our staff repair and restoration technicians. In the unlikely event of damage, our insurance coverage ensures your instrument’s value is protected while our staff ensures it’s your piano that arrives at its new home.

“What if I need to have my piano stored?”

If you need to store your piano for any duration, Walter Piano Transport offers secure piano storage facilities. Our climate-controlled warehouse ensures your instrument is kept in optimal conditions, safeguarding it from any potential damage. When you’re ready to retrieve your piano, simply let us know, and we’ll handle all the details to ensure a smooth transition from storage to delivery.

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