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Door to Door. Worry Free...Guaranteed!

How We Started Moving Pianos

Owner Tells How Their Piano Move Business Began

Moving Pianos for 30 Years

Kevin and Hope Walter
Hope and Kevin Walter
My husband and I, Kevin Walter – and I’m Hope Walter. We started the business due to the need of moving our pianos safely. His family manufactures the Charles R. Walter piano and we were having more pianos come back as damaged off of the common freight carriers than we were shipping out and they were staying in the stores for selling. So we finally just decided that we needed to do something different. I didn’t know that my husband was thinking about buying a truck. I was thinking that maybe we would hire some other piano movers to do our pianos. But he came home one day and said, “I bought a truck,” and that we’re going to transport all our own pianos. It was a real surprise to me. But then he handed me the company and I’ve been running it ever since. We now move for all the shippers, manufacturers, residential moves… and your rebuild people that rebuild pianos. Anybody that moves a piano. A lot of times, we will be the one moving it nationwide. About Walter Piano Moving

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